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Waiting lyrics


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        Well, I know from experience
    That if you have to ask for something more than once or twice
    It wasn't yours in the first place
    And that's hard to accept when you love someone
    And you're led to believe in their moment of need
    That they want what you want but they don't


    Don't go breaking my heart like you said you would
    Baby, you're no good
    And you hurt me like no other lover ever could
    Don't go making me cry
    You're gonna say goodbye
    Baby, tell me why
    Tell me why or you're gonna have to justify this

    Chorus (substituting "This" for "I'm" in 2nd line):

    Waiting for you
    I'm waiting
    Can't you see I'm waiting for you
    Don't break my heart

    (repeat chorus)

    It was so easy in the beginning
    When you didn't feel like running from your feelings like you are now
    What happened? What do I remind you of?
    Your past, your dreams
    Or some part of yourself that you just can't love?
    I wish I could believe you
    Or at least have the courage to leave you

    Life has taught me that love with a man like you
    Is only gonna make me blue
    But I love you anyway no matter what you do
    You don't come around here like you did before
    When you did adore
    Tell me what I did to deserve this

    (chorus, substituting "Just" for "I'm" in 2nd line)


    Finally I see a different man
    Only love can hurt like this can
    Finally I see a different face
    Tell me who is going to take my place


    I knew it from the start that you would desert me
    You're gonna break my heart
    Baby, please don't hurt me


    (chorus, repeat)

    I knew it from the start that you would desert me
    You're gonna break my heart
    Baby, please don't hurt me


    Break my heart
    Don't break my heart
    (repeat twice)

    Break my heart
    You broke my heart (repeat twice)

    Uh, next time you want pussy, huh
    Just look in the mirror baby
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